Stoked to announce that the 2015 4X ProTour is live. Head over to www.facebook.com/4xprotour to let us know which events you are racing or spectating at. Can't wait to get 2015 started. Hurry up winter!!!

Round 1 - Winterberg, Germany - May 24th
Round 2 - Fort William, Scotland - June 6th
Round 3 - Pamporovo, Bulgaria - June 20th
Round 4 - Szczawno, Poland - July 18th
Round 5 - Val Di Sole, Italy - August 22nd
Round 6 - Malmedy, Belgium - September 5th

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Here is our new film featuring our summer roadtrip. The BMX World Championships in Riotterdam, Netherlands, 4X ProTour Round 5 in Jablonec, Czech Republic and 4X ProTour Round 6 in Leibstadt, Switzerland. Some ups, some downs, but all in all a good 2 weeks on the road. Enjoy......

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4X ProTour Round 7 - Pamporovo, Bulgaria:

Scott Beaumont
Qualifying - 4th
Race - 4th

Hi all,

The weekend saw the final round of the 4X ProTour in Pamporovo, Bulgaria. Scott entered into this race in 5th position overall but he could move as high as 3rd or drop down to 6th. Looking for a top 5 podium overall result, Scott was focused and ready for the challenge.

Practice began on Thursday. The track was a new venue in the 4X ProTour and a track that Scott had not previously raced on. It was the longest track of the season at just over 50 seconds and it had a great mix of elements. Super fast on the long straights, tight 'S' bends, a forest section and some huge jumps. It was technical but Scott was liking it right from the start.

Here is a helmet camera run of the track taken on Thursday:

Friday: Qualifying

Onto Friday first job of the day was a press conference for the top 5 riders for the Bulgarian mainstream media. As joint organiser of the 4X ProTour, Scott hosted the press conference as well as answering questions from the press. In the afternoon it was time for qualifying. Both qualifying and the race were shown live on the Internet in stunning hd quality. Overnight rain made the track perfect. As UCI World ranked number 2, Scott's qualifying was 2nd from last rider. With a great start, Scott attacked the track and it looked to be a clean run. Across the finish line it was good enough for 4th position overall.

Saturday: Race

Saturday and Scott needed to speed up and work on his race lines. Practice went well and he was ready. At 15.00 it was race time. Scott was flying. He looked good on the track and everything was shaping up nicely. Taking the win in his quarter final he was in the semi final. With a great start Scott led down to turn 1 but slipped back to 2nd in turn 1. He held 2nd to the finish to book his place in the final.

Final time. Tomas Slavik to gate 1, Quentin Derbier in 2, Felix Beckeman in 3 and Scott in 4. Scott made a decent start and with a clash of handlebars by the 3 guys inside he had a great run around the first turn. Unfortunately the riders on the inside drifted wide and cut off Scott's move. He was quite a way back at this point but fought hard down the track to set up a drag race with Beckeman on the last straight. Drawing level at the last jump Scott was charging for 3rd but then disaster struck. In one of the biggest crashes of his career Scott was thrown over his handlebars when his front wheel bogged down in a soft spot on the take off. The crash was brutal as Scott bounced off his back, scorpioned and 'rag dolled' down the track. It was truly horrific.

Here is the official film from the race:

After attention by the medics and after getting his breathe back Scott began to move and after a while he was sat up. A battered Scott finished the race and more or less headed straight to the airport to see his doctors back in the UK.

Scott is seeing specialists today to check his lower back out further and of course we will keep you all updated with his condition as we get information.

For those of you brave enough, here is the footage of the final and Scott's crash:

The team film featuring Scott’s crash is also on the front page of:

PinkBike: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/crash-scott-beaumont-at-4x-2014.html

Dirt: http://dirtmountainbike.com/videos/scott-beaumont-4x-crash.html#!bKpAzw

Right now, we are unsure on Scott's next race as we have his condition assessed by doctors and specialists but we will let you know in due course.

The result of 4th in the final was enough to give Scott 4th overall in the 4X ProTour for 2014. After successfully defending the 4X National Championship 2 weeks ago, currently sat in 2nd overall in the UCI World Rankings and also leading the British 4X Series with only 1 round remaining, Scott has had an incredible year and we hope the injuries sustained in Bulgaria are not serious and don't put a dampener on what has been an amazing year for Scott and Yeti Racing UK.

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4X National Championships:

Scott Beaumont:
Qualifying – 1st
Race – 1st

Dave Richardson:
Qualifying – 10th
Race – 14th

Schwalbe British 4X Series Round 6:

Scott Beaumont – 2nd
Dave Richardson – 7th

Hi all,

We are all back from a big weekend in the teams calendar. We were down in Falmouth, Cornwall for the 4X National Championships on Saturday and Round 6 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series on Sunday.

With the 4X National Championships being the biggest domestic race of the year, I will write the race report in reverse, starting with Sundays Round 6 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series.

Throughout Saturday night there was heavy rainfall in the aftermath of hurricane Bertha! Heading up the track on Sunday morning we were all curious as to what we would find. Thankfully, the track was perfect! There was a strong wind that had really dried the track out, but at the same time this wind would be the reason that the pro line straight would be closed. With 50 mph cross winds it was just too dangerous to let riders jump those doubles. So using the alternative line, the track took on a whole new style for Sundays 6th round of the Schwalbe British 4X Series.

Motos got underway and both Scott and Dave were riding great. Scott took 3 wins in his motos, whilst Dave finished 2nd, 4th and 1st. With these results both riders qualified through to the semi finals. With the draw they were both together in semi final 1. Scott was on the inside gate with Dave on Gate 2. Scott made a great gate and took the lead into turn 1. Dave had been shuffled back to 3rd but he was fighting for the vital 2nd position. Scott pulled a good lead and he was safely through to the final. In the last ‘S’ bends Dave went for the pass but unfortunately crashed out before he could make it stick. So Scott was in the main final and Dave was in the small final.

In the small final Dave took gate 2. With a good gate Dave was in contention, but into turn 3 Dave had a bump that lost him some ground. At the finish line Dave finished 3rd which gave him 7th overall for the day. Heading into the final round in a few weeks this now places Dave in good shape to push for a top 5 overall in the series.

The Main final was next. Scott took gate 1. Leading into turn 1, Scott looked in good shape to take the win, however lower down on the track through the esses, Duncan Ferris railed a turn and jumped the double on the exit. It was a big move and Scott was suddenly in 2nd. He couldn’t find a way past so ended up in 2nd for the day. This result still puts Scott in the hot seat to retain the British 4X Series title at the final round in September.

4X National Championships:

So this was the big one. Both riders had been focused on this race all year and after last year’s final where both riders made it into the top 4 we were all looking for the same again. Saturday, August 9th, it was the 2014 Schwalbe 4X National Championships.

First up it was qualifying. Going in reverse National ranking order, Dave was up first. With a great gate and a decent run Dave stopped the clock on 42.29. This time would eventually be good enough for 10th position in qualifying. Last rider on course was Scott. His only aim was to set the fastest time so that he would have the vital inside gate pick. With a run that looked like he was on rails, Scott incredibly stopped the clock at 39.73 - the only rider to go sub 40 seconds. So Scott qualified 1st with Dave in 10th.

After qualifying the rain started and throughout the night it got worse, turning the track into an ice skating rink!!

Onto the knockout stages. Dave looked good right up until the quarter finals where unfortunately he was knocked out of the race early. The result was good enough for 14th. Dave was understandably gutted with this result as it was not what he went there for. So the team’s eyes were on Scott. Winning all his races including the quarter and semi finals Scott was in the final. With the rain now hammering down, lining up on gate 1 he was where he wanted to be. The gate dropped and Scott got his best gate of the day, firing into the lead in turn 1. Protecting the inside lines on turns 2 and 3, Scott sacrificed some speed to prevent any wild inside passes. Heading down the pro line Scott had the lead but the others were close. Into the esses and Duncan Ferris who was in 2nd dived inside to try and make a pass, but with the track now so slippery he simply crashed out. Scott now had a decent size lead and he kept his Yeti DJ on 2 wheels to take the win.

With conditions so bad, Scott commented: ‘This win means a lot to me, because the track conditions were so wild out there anything could have happened. I am stoked to take the win and defend the 4X National Championship’.

Attached are photos that are all fine for you to use on websites and social media. Can you simply credit the photographers that are in the file names please?

Back to Enduro next week:

The team’s next race is this weekend at Dyfi in Wales for round 4 of the UK Gravity Enduro Series. Scott will be racing in the Elites and Dave will be in the Masters.
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Scott Beaumont:
Qualifying - 2nd
Race - 4th

From Czech Republic, we headed to Leibstadt in Switzerland for Round 6 of the 2014 4X ProTour. A Bikepark track located in northern Switzerland, this track is liked by Scott and he had been looking forward to racing here. The whole event was run on just one day here so it was important to be fired up and ready for a day of practice, qualifying and racing. Scott got it all dialled quickly. He looked fast and heading into qualifying was one of the favourites. The gate dropped on his qualifying lap and Scott was on the gas. His run was good enough for 2nd position, just 0.1 behind the fastest time.

Winning his first rounds, quarter final and semi final, Scott was in the final. Taking gate 2, the scene was set. The gate dropped and Scott had the holeshot, but into turn 1 a bang of handlebars and Scott found himself wide on the turn and in 4th position. Chasing after the other riders, Scott made up some ground but just could not bridge the gap fully. 4th in the end and again some vital points towards the overall.

So that was the end of a wild 2 weeks on the road.

The next event for Yeti Racing UK team will be this weekend when Scott and Dave will be racing at the Schwalbe 4X National Championships in Falmouth, Cornwall here in the UK. Scott will be defending his National Championship title and Dave will be looking to improve on his 4th position last year.

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